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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Dupa topic o sa fie bomba o sa il pui la download sau de vanzare ?
  3. YCMD:plmasd(playerid, params[], help) { new id,adminlevel,string[200]; if(sscanf(params, "ui",id,adminlevel)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "{FFA500}Syntax: {FFFFFF}/setadmin <playerid/name> <Admin Level>"); if(!IsPlayerConnected(id) || id == INVALID_PLAYER_ID) return SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Acel player nu este conectat."); if(adminlevel < 0 || adminlevel > ???? return SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Invalid admin level! (0-8)"); if(PlayerInfo[id][pAdmin] > PlayerInfo[playerid][pAdmin]) return SCM(playerid, COLOR_GREY, "Nu poti executa aceasta comanda pe acel player!"); format(string, sizeof(string), "Ai fost promovat la admin %d de %s.", adminlevel, GetName(playerid)); SendClientMessage(id, COLOR_LIGHTBLUE, string); format(string, sizeof(string), "I-ai setat lui %s admin %d.", GetName(id),adminlevel); SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_LIGHTBLUE, string); format(string, sizeof(string), "AdmCmd: %s i-a setat lui %s admin %d.", GetName(playerid),GetName(id),adminlevel); if(GetPVarInt(playerid, "Cover") == 0) SendAdminMessage(COLOR_LOGS, string,4);

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