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  1. Username: smartfatkid Varsta n/a. Ce vinzi?: cont de steam Dovada (că sunteti in posesia produsului) OBLIGATORIU: http://prntscr.com/os9v35 Pret: 100 euro. Detalii de contact: discord -> ruskiadidas#1883 & telegram -> http://t.me/smartfatkid Alte precizari: https://steamcommunity.com/id/uzziadv/ este un profil pe stil russian hardbass, enjoy ; paypal,paysafecard,btc,wire bank
  2. Username: smartfatkid Varsta: n/a. Ce fel de servicii oferi?: Servicii de web developing, c++, vb.net, wordpress, php, html, design, web hosting, vps cloud hosting, realizarea unei mici afaceri online handshake cu adsense sau dupa urma la refferali. Pret: it depend Detalii de contact: discord -> ruskiadidas#1883 & telegram -> http://t.me/smartfatkid Alte precizari: blogu' meu -> http://techcode.it
  3. Username: smartfatkid Varsta: n/a. Ce vinzi?: Servicii de web developing, c++, vb.net, wordpress, php, html, design, web hosting, vps cloud hosting, realizarea unei mici afaceri online handshake cu adsense sau dupa urma la refferali. Dovada (că sunteti in posesia produsului) OBLIGATORIU: n/a. Pret: negociabil, doar paypal sau paysafecard Detalii de contact: discord -> ruskiadidas#1883 sau telegram -> http://t.me/smartfatkid Alte precizari: ayy blogu meu -> http://techcode.it
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. e fake si stiu de unde e luat thread-ul, nu mai promova cacatu' asta ca lafel de fake ca freebitco.in, metoda cu script-ul ????
  6. Hello, i'm selling 96,000 views real traffic, 100% worldwide. It take less 10 days but it's worth. Also you can buy the views for adfocus method, not.allowed i guess, youtube, blogs, adsense, websites and anything!! Also you can buy the views and tell me keep these until you find a buyer on fiverr.. you can sell these more expensive The traffic are from real guys, not geo targeted, random, worldwide! The price of 96k views traffic is 50€ (euros not dollares) Payment only PayPal (if you have btc to paxful) Discord: ruskiadidas#1883 Telegram: http://t.me/smartfatkid
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  10. nu l-am mai tradus ca mi-o fost lene, intelegeti voi, cu ocazia asta se mai invata engleza pe forum

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      mars in gtm de gunoi

  11. Hello guys, today i'm going to show you a guaranteed money maker method that makes over 20$ per day and 150$ per week or more I'm going to report leechers This method is 100% autopilot, and you don't need to do nothing, just hold on the PC Step 1. Register on this website: http://bit.ly/31Rn5KA (if you will register with my refferal link, you will receive 0.50$ free) Step 2. Go login into website and click on "New Shorten Link" from the left side on page, and shorten a random link (eg. google.ie , youtube.com , google.com) or any link. Step 3. Copy the shortened link and prepare it for do money. Step 4. Download this program to make traffic on the shortened link which is paid for CPM. -> http://www.ipts.com/download.php Step 5. Look below at pics how to use the program from step 4. -> Picture 1: https://imgur.com/a/RE25B7q -> Picture 2: https://imgur.com/a/hWKySKs and click OK Step 6. Until your money is ready to be withdraw, you need to go on website from step 1. -> Click below on left side at "Settings" -> "Profile" You need to choose the Withdrawal Method -> PayPal, Bitcoin, Web Money, Bank Transfer. Under the Withdrawal Method, you have a box to fill with your email, wallet address, purse or the things of bank account. For example, i use PayPal, so you will put your email ex: emailaddress@yahoo.com . The email need to be your email of paypal account. 7. You're done to make money. If you didn't understood nothing about this method, this method will make traffic views on your shortened url, where you will get money by traffic. Minimum payout: PayPal €3.00 (most recommended) Bitcoin €25.00 Web Money €3.00 Bank Transfer €50.00 You can make small amounts which will help you in few hours. The amount won depend so much on your network connection and how much you will hold on the PC. This method will not farm your gpu or cpu, is not mining, you don't need to make worries about your awesome gaming pc. You can play something when you make traffic or you can let it when you go away from home.. like to school, job, party, gf. The site is 100% legit, it pay, you will don't waste nothing if you try, for 3 euros to withdraw you just need to make traffic around 1-2h. I swear that you will be more rich if you read my topic. +rep if you still make money and read that.

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